27 for 2018

27 for 2018

The end of a year prompts reflection. Instagram fills with recaps, lists of achievements, intentions and odes to a year. Throughout the year I strive for a consistent pace of reflection, awareness and learning. But in this case of the round-ups, I am no different.

Why? Reflection gives you an active hand in your life. Learning from experiences that shape you mean the experiences, good or bad or both were truly lived. Discovering the motives behind decisions you make means you are actively involved in your life instead of blindly bopping along.

So, to add to the wrath of end of year round-ups... to give air time to the feelings and experiences that shaped this year... to distill an entire year of my life into 27 statements? Let's do it.

Here’s 27 lessons, thoughts and ideas for my 27th year of orbiting a star. These have been pulled from notes from my phone, journals and my diary.

27 thoughts from 2018

  1. Being bold pays off. In your ideas, what you decide to share and how you approach situations. 

  2. Stretch is good. Stretch in your comfort, knowledge, beliefs and body is the first step to growth and newfound strength. 

  3. Kindness has many forms. Kindness is not just smiling and give, but honesty and a stern hand as well.

  4. Time is my most treasured resource.

  5. Attention is a skill. Paying attention to others, but also ourselves and our experiences has infinite worth. Pay attention to what you pay attention to. 

  6. Phones are time and energy wasters. Use your phone with intent and put it down to continue living.

  7. Listening requires care. And truly listening is where we find the unspoken.

  8. Beauty exists as much in small moments. Presence is the key to noticing.

  9. Sometimes it’s okay to not know what to say. Sometimes it’s better to say nothing and just listen.

  10. Look at a situation from the other side. Other perspectives are crucial.

  11. Egos are dangerous. Especially your own. Try to do things to remove it on occasion.

  12. What you do is enough for you, right now.

  13. Keep feeling things. Feel the immense joy and warmth and feel the restless fatigue. 

  14. Forgiving someone is something you do for yourself. Not anyone else.

  15. Listening to sad music is an important expression.

  16. Morning light is calming and invigorating.

  17. Failing can teach resilience, clarity and provide opportunities.

  18. Rest is crucial. Unwinding allows rumination for ideas and thoughts.

  19. So is play. Balancing that need for rest and play over action is a fine art that requires continuous effort. But it’s in those moments we find new parts of our selves.

  20. Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

  21. Curiosity opens doors. There’s great freedom in ‘how’ and wisdom in ‘why’.

  22. There are bright lights shining in this world. Sit back and observe the whole picture and you’ll see.

  23. Routine and habits are crucial for creating space to do all the things I want to do. Try and curate a few healthy habits and protect your rituals.

  24. Get 8 hours sleep.

  25. It’s okay to pivot. If something is not serving you, let it go or try a new way.

  26. There’s room at the table for anyone who wants to be there. 

  27. We impact and change the lives we are honoured to touch.

  28. Pick and choose when you can break the rules.

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